DarkRP Changelog – 11/xx/14

Changelog 11/xx/2014


Top date is most recent changes


  • Updated Hitman Script
  • Added Toggleable Microphone SWEP for Radio Broadcaster
  • Added /bail command and script to Lawyer and Judge Job
  • Added Cinematic Camera
  • Added yet another Prostitute NPC
  • Added News Reporter Job


  • Added a new ULX warn system
  • Added  MoreULX extension for staff
  • Added 4 players models (Prostitute, Drug Dealer, VIP, and Pet)
  • Added Firework addons
  • Restricted Hitman to only 1 slot
  • Added Pet job for donators,
  • Added IonByte Hotel Manager
  • Fixed Job Rules


  • Fixed money printers and made them useful
  • Added Hitman script to Hitman job “Press E on me to buy a hit”



  • Decreased prices of ammo
  • Black Market Dealer can now sell more specialty weapons
  • VIP and Black Market Dealer can now sell lockpicks.


  • Added appropriate ammo to Police, Police Chief, FBI, FBI Director, and Mayor
  • Added Spiderman gun to missing donator jobs
  • Removed the ability to spawn DarkRP weapons as Light, Heavy, and CEO. (m9k instead)
  • Fixed masterlockpick lua error. Will now lockpick faster than regular lockpick
  • Differentiated Hobo vs Hobo Leader. When you click to become Hobo Leader, you will actually become hobo leader.
  • Added 4 new models to Entertainer
  • Fixed ammo not being able to be picked up
  • Changed chat-box. (Admin chat was not functioning properly).
  • Removed the ability to pocket food


  • Added Pistol ammo and .357 ammo to all weapon dealers and VIP
  • Removed every class having the ability to spawn ammo
  • Added single weapon shipments (1) vs. regular weapon shipments (5)
  • Removed abusive and server crashing M9K Specialty Weapons (explosives)
  • Removed scripts causing the server to crash every few minutes
  • Separated “Suits &  Robbers Models” into its fitting job. Ex. Lawyer gets closed suit with tie.

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IonByte Gaming is Coming Back!

Dear fellow members,

On behalf of the IonByte staff group, we would like to announce that IonByte Gaming is coming back. We understand many of you are confused as to why it shut down, but we guarantee it will stay up! I will keep you all updated as to when the server will open. We have the opening date set to November 1, 2014 (11/1/14). Our forums are in the process of being created and will be ready before the server is up. Our aim is for you guys to communicate with old friends and make new ones. If you have any friends who are not in this group, invite them! We will be having a donator rank giveaway on opening day. In addition, we will be looking for staff members to help support the server. I’m looking forward to seeing many of you. We’re open to suggestions and will always want the best for our players.

Sincerely, the IBG Team

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